Prior to moving to Currumbin early this year I was running my own Web Agency in Melbourne for over 4 years. Crazy busy. Crazy stressful. I was in crazy survival mode. A crazy lifestyle that led to a huge health scare & a complete change in the direction of my life.

** Side note **

Take your health VERY seriously now.

Don't wait to get sick, invest in being the healthiest version of yourself NOW.

Need help with this? Ask me, I can help.

But I'm deadly serious - invest in your health NOW.

So I decided (while I was lying in a hospital bed for 5 days...) - no more cities, no more stress. I decided I needed to move to Byron Bay.

Why? No idea. It just came to me. So I put it out to the Universe and started putting plans in place to make it happen...

So I lived in Byron Bay for a year until early October 2015 when my mum was diagnosed with cancer & passed away extremely quickly. Life really is shit sometimes. But then it gets amazing again and repeat, shit, amazing, you get the gist.

So I took a few months out from life & then relocated to the divinely blissful Currumbin where I am fortunate enough to spend my days surfing, walking my pooch & helping small biz owners & entrepreneurs like you get their message & service out to the world.

Now I'm all about local community. It's about contribution. It's about giving back & paying it forward. That's what excites me. It excites me to know that I can help you & your business thrive in your local community & beyond, so one day, hopefully you will do the same. Pay it forward.

Love makes the world go round & good deeds make it spin faster, so sprinkle it everywhere!

So drop me a lineI'd love to chat with you about what's going on with you right now & how I can help!