See, you're not just buying a website with me....

You're buying my marketing EXPERTISE & my ridiculous WORK ETHIC for perfection when it comes to your website.

You're buying my INTUITION of knowing who your ideal client is & how your website & marketing needs to speak with them so that they instantly connect with you & your biz & HAVE to work with you (or buy your product!).


Because by the professionalism of your website & marketing they can see you have your biz shit together!

My sites all have my incredible marketing expertise however the cost will really just depend on how much content your site needs to have....

Regardless of how much you invest with one of my sites, your new site will get a "WOW, WOW & WOW" reaction!

The results you'll get & what you'll feel as a result of working with me, you just can't buy anywhere else...

So yes, I know the theme for my website & marketing is around "helping you get your shit together" & I'm here to let you know that I pour so much love into my work. You get my heart & soul with everything we do together.

I'm so passionate about HELPING you & your business SHINE.

I'm also a master "green-brainer" (you can also google green brain if you don't know what it is!) & I have an incredible INTUITION & really know how your website & online marketing really needs to CONNECT & ATTRACT your ideal client.

My first question to you will be "What is your budget" for a website...?

Is it $500? Or $2,000?

Or anywhere in between?

Because that will determine what I'm able to offer you.

My sites start at $500 for a simple landing page & go up to about $2,000 for a site with a shopping cart.


Feeling a bit stuck?

Clacking clarity in the direction of your biz?

Can't see through the fog of overwhelm?

Need to brainstorm something specific or put together a killer marketing strategy to drive biz in the door?


I'm passionate about helping biz owners just like you with all of that (and so much more!) with my "Hour of Power" sessions!

We get into the nitty gritty of what's going on with you, where you want to be & what that looks like in between to help you get there!

It's a fast hour, we will get so much sorted out & you will love it!

And I love it as much as you do!

“Hour of Power” sessions (phone or Zoom / FaceTime)
$125 for 60 mins
Want longer? $165 for 90 mins
Want shorter? $70 for 30 mins
(prices are plus GST and include a 10 minute "Did You Get it Done?" follow up call!)